Buddy Kombucha

Buddy Kombucha is handmade in small batches by Andy and Heike in Newburgh, Fife. We only use whole fruit, flowers or herbs – no juices or pureés. Our kombucha is organic, raw and unfiltered so has billions of beneficial microbes as well as the organic acids which all help our gut to regulate our immune system.

Our kombucha is full flavour and tang and comes in four varieties

Lemon & Ginger – the people’s choice

Hibiscus & Lime – originally a Wildcard but so popular it now has its own regular slot

Hopped – giving beer a run for its money and our speciality –

Wildcard – take a walk on the wildside with the seasonal flavour of the month

Why drink kombucha?

Our guts and the bacteria living inside us are truly amazing. We have evolved together over 300 million years. They are part of us. But today the diversity of microbes in our gut is under threat. Science is finally realising how we need these microbes and their enzymes more than we ever knew. Live fermented food like kefir, kombucha and kimchi are full of the prebiotics, enzymes and probiotics that can help keep our microbiome diverse and happy.

A diverse healthy gut utilises more nutrients in our fibre and is much better at synthesising vitamins. Our gut bacteria are crucial, playing a major role in regulating our immune system, helping keep it ticking over nicely.

Here at Buddy, we make our kombucha with these things in mind. We use only the very best and simplest of ingredients, always organic. We use organic raw cane sugar and single estate biodynamic teas from India. Buddy Kombucha is fermented at 26ºC along with its ‘SCOBY’ of bacteria and yeast, slowly fermenting until it has just the tangy taste we love. We then second ferment and keep our flavours real, so for example lemon and ginger means just that, we only use fresh organic lemons direct from a Spanish organic farm and fresh Peruvian organic ginger. Once ready, our booch is bottled by hand in our little fermentary in Newburgh, Fife, then cooled for a few days to condition.

Have a taste of Buddy Kombucha. This might be the start of a wonderful friendship.

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